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Towbar Skoda Octavia (including 'Scout')
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Date Vehicle description Make Type Part # Rating Fitted $ Comments
2010-10/2013 Skoda Octavia hatchback and wagon (incl Scout) Tiny Hayman Reese logo 40mm Hitch 2729RLW 1300/75 towbar price tag Includes #4828 ECU protection Link to Skoda Octavia tow bar details
11/2013 on Skoda Octavia NE Wagon (incl Scout) Tiny Hayman Reese logo 50mm hitch 3135RW 1600/75 towbar price tag

includes #4828 or #4826 ECU Link to Skoda Octavia tow bar details more info


Prices include fitting, trailer lighting socket, chrome ball and cap.

Rating = max trailer/max down load on ball

How to organise your tow bar fitting.

Tow bar Types

Hitch Receiver towbars

Hayman Reese Class 4 towbar hitch

The hitch receiver tow bar incorporates a removable square hitch that is fitted with a quick release pin. These bars are available for the Skoda Octavia with a 40mm square receiver socket up to Sept 2013 and a 50mm square socket after this date. They allow quick removal of the tow hitch when not in use to save those shins. The square hitch tow bar can also provide a mounting point for a wide range of bike carriers. Please see our bike rack pages for details.