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flat loading cradles flat loading cradles flat loading cradles

Kayak Carrier For Roof Racks

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There are a huge range of choices for carrying a kayak on your cars roof racks. Kayak carriers have several functions. First they provide a cushion for the hull. While you could just strap a kayak straight your crossbars but this puts a lot of pressure over a single contact point which could crack rigid hulls and deform plastic hulls. Kayak carries also provide some grip to help restrain the hull and prevent it from sliding during transport and finally a kayak carrying set will include straps to do the actual restraining.

The first decision is whether you want to carry the hull flat on its hull or its deck with conventional cradles or you may want to save space on your crossbars for a second kayak or other gear by using a J-cradle.

There are also several lifting aids available to help with your kayak carrying choice.

flat loading cradles




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flat loading cradles



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flat loading cradles



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. Steve's Kayak Carrying tips

As I drive around Sydney I see lots of people carrying their kayaks to and from the many wonderful water courses around the harbour. Unfortunately I am usually flinching because as often as not the load is not safe. My greatest concern is the absence of stern and bow tie downs. I regularly see small hatchbacks with roof racks barely 70cm apart supporting a 4 metre water craft with no front and rear restraint. If you are guilty of this please try this little test for me when you are next loading the craft. With the kayak strapped down just use a single finger under the bow and push the hull up and down at its extreme end. Look at the contact point of your roof racks where they sit on the roof of your car and just observe how much flex is being put into the roof panel. A vertical force on a kayak can be magnified enormously over a meter or so of overhanging hull. Imagine a hard braking situation, the weight of a kayak will dive down and then back up again and possibly continue to bounce up and down. This could cause damage to your car roof, damage to your hull or even rip the racks off your car. So don't risk it. You can carry kayaks on a small car, just eliminate these forces with bow and stern restraining straps.

When deciding on a kayak transport system you should ask yourself the following questions:

When you have considered these points then have a look at the options and see what suits your needs best. We have lots of info here on the web site or if you want to see them all up close we have the full range on display at the store in Gladesville.

What ever you choose, have fun and don't forget those bow and stern tie downs.

Kayak carrier bow and stern tie downs