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Date Vehicle description Make Type Part # Rating Fitted $ Comments
7/1994-9/1998 VW Golf MK3 Tiny Hayman Reese logo Tongue 1383 1200/80 hh .
10/1998-7/2004 VW Golf Mk4 Tiny Hayman Reese logo Tongue 1666 1200/90 hh


8/2004-2009 VW Golf V Tiny Hayman Reese logo Tongue 2050W 1250/120 hn

. . . Includes #4827 ECU protection. GTi image:.



(note: only fits some GTi models, see image, not honey comb bumper or bumpers with middle rib)

Tiny Hayman Reese logo Tongue 2050W 1250/120 hn

..Includes #4827 ECU protection

GTi image:.

R-Series (MK7):.

Honeycomb (MK7):.

2010-08/2013 VW Golf VI Wagon Tiny Hayman Reese logo Tongue 2687W 1300/75 Price tag hk Includes #4831 ECU protection (NOT SPORTS-WAGON -tongue too low)
08/2013 on VW Golf VII Wagon Tiny Hayman Reese logo Tongue 3073W


hq Includes #4838 ECU. (not R-Series)
Tiny Hayman Reese logo Hitch 3134RW 1600/75 Price tag hk Includes #4838 ECU. R-Series:

Prices include fitting, trailer lighting socket, chrome ball and cap.

Rating = max trailer/max down load on ball

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Tow bar Types

Standard (Tongue) towbars

Standard tow bar gooseneck Tow bar lug spanner

The standard towbar uses a tongue to mount the tow ball and are also known as gooseneck towbars. The tongue can be removed by undoing 2 bolts. The standard bar is ideal for towing lighter loads like small box trailers, tinnies, jet skis and many other single axle trailers. Ratings range from 600kg to 1600kg depending on the vehicle. There is also a large range of bike carriers that can be used with a gooseneck tow bar, see our bike rack page for details.Gallery