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Towbars Ford F250
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Date Vehicle description Make Type Part # Rating Fitted $ Comments
8/2001-06/2006 F250 Tub body and Cab Chassis (4 door) Tiny Hayman Reese logo Hitch 2024RW 3500/350 pi
08/2001 on F250 7.3ltr turbo dieselTub and C/Chassis (2dr/4dr) Tiny Hayman Reese logo Hitch 2041RW 3500/350 pi 50mm dia tow ball
2041RW Tow ballmount/70mm dia ball upgrade to 4500kg rating Tiny Hayman Reese logo   21314 +5756 4500/450 pi +tow bar price
2041RW Weight distribution hitch/70mm dia ball upgrade to 4500kg rating Tiny Hayman Reese logo   712003 +5756 4500/450 pi +tow bar price

Prices include fitting, trailer lighting socket, chrome ball and cap.

Rating = max trailer/max down load on ball

How to organise your tow bar fitting.

Tow bar Types

Hitch Receiver towbars

Hayman Reese Class 4 towbar hitch

The hitch receiver tow bar incorporates a removable square hitch that is fitted with a quick release pin. These bars are available as light duty bars with a 40mm square receiver hole and heavier ratings with a 50mm square hole. Heavy duty hitch receivers are ideal for towing caravans, horse floats, car trailers and larger boats depending on the vehicles towing capabilities. They also allow quick removal of the tow hitch when not in use to save those shins. The square hitch tow bar can also provide a mounting point for a wide range of bike carriers. Please see our bike rack pages for details.