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Trailer Locks

Coupling locks

Ark ATL15 Heavy duty coupling lock

Heavy duty trailer coupling lock

The Ark ATL15 coupling lock is a high quality robust security solution to secure the coupling on your trailer. Made from hardened steel to resist cutting and an advanced barrel locking mechanism to provides an excellent deterrent. The fine toothed columns allow for fine adjustment and a very snug fit onto the unit you want to secure.

The Ark ATL15 can be used to either secure the trailer when not attached to the vehicle and can also be used to lock the trailer to the vehicle when parked up.

Finished in a bright chrome plating to resist rust the Ark heavy duty coupling lock provides a great solution for trailer security.






Budget coupling lock

Heavy duty trailer coupling lock The Budget coupling lock is an economical solution for trailer security. A simple fabricated frame engages the trailer coupling and is held secure with a pad lock.

The coupling lock has 2 positions. It can be used on just the trailer to plug the coupling and block the coupling from being attached to a tow ball. Also the coupling lock can be used to fix the trailer to your tow vehicle (while parked up) keep your trailer protected while you stop for a coffee.

The lock is made from fabricated steel and has a heavy zinc plate finish to protect from corrosion.

Coupling Lock (Budget)



Hitch pin lock

Tobar hitch locking pinA hitch pin lock keeps your tow ball securely on your car. A new towball mount, pin and towball can set you back upwards of $100 not to mention the inconvenience if it gets stolen just when you need it.

A Hayman Reese hitch lock is a high quality product and is rated for towing and can be used as a direct replacement for pull clip and pin basic unit.

Hayman Reese Hitch pin lock: