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Steve Minshall 17/05/2017

Fitting a Hayman Reese #3135RW towbar to a Skoda Octavia

Fits models: All Gen3 Wagons including Scout and RS

Time for experienced fitter: Approx. 4 to 5 hours

Fitting difficulty: 6/10

In this article we are looking at the installation of a Hayman Reese 3135RW tow bar to a Skoda Octavia Wagon. The actual fitment session and images used for this article was the Scout model. The bar also fits to RS and regular flavour vehicles although there are variations in wiring, bumper cuts and ECUs required for the different models. The dates covered by this fitment are 11/2013 and is still current for models at the time of writing.

The Bar:

For current specs and fitted price please see our Skoda Octavia page.

Rating 1600kg max trailer, 75kg max ball weight.

The Hayman Reese tow bar for this fitting is a Class 4 hitch with a 50mm square receiver socket for the tow ball mount. The bar replaces the vehicle impact beam and is mostly hidden behind the bumper.

The Kit:

Towbar #3135RW, ECU #4826 or ECU #4828, trailer socket #4816.

The Hayman Reese kit comes with all the required hardware, wiring loom, tow ball mount, ball and rated shackles. Additional parts required are an electronic control module (HR #4828 or #4826) and a tail piece to complete the electrics with the desired socket style. We would typically install a Hayman Reese #4816 which is a 7-pin flat socket with an appropriate length of cable to complete the hook up.


Physically bolting the bar to the vehicle is pretty straight forward as the bar attaches to the impact beam mounting holes and a couple of bolts each side secure the arms through pre-existing holes in each chassis rail. However, a fair amount of disassembly is required for the install, the rear bumper needs to be removed along with the tail lights and a fair amount of internal panel work for installing the electrics.


The electrical hook up for a trailer lighting socket can be a little more challenging than other vehicles as the requirements vary depending on the actual model of Octavia being fitted. A fair amount of panel work has to be removed for feeding wires and connecting feeds. Two different ECUs are used and the power source is taken from the fuse box located behind the glove box. The ECU system allows for the correct switching of lighting on the trailer and protects the vehicle's sensitive electronics from any short circuits for faults on the trailer.

Bumper cut:

The bumper cut also depends on the particular model being fitted. However in all cases it is a discreet cut on the underside of the bumper.


For the experienced fitter the Octavia bar is not a difficult job but for the first time or DIY fitter it can present some challenges and we recommend a professional install. The towbar itself fits well and is straight forward. The electrical requirements very between models and requires testing of circuits, tracing of wires for power supply and the removal and refitting of a significant amount of paneling. Our current fitted prices for this bar are available here.