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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
4/2004 on Ford Territory prorack small logo Special offer while stocks last:
mini pic prorack p-bar P16-K337 75 pt faa  
prorack small logo Mini pic Prorack Whispbar anchor point roof rack S4-K337 75 pt faa

Link to Ford Territory roof rack image

mini pic Prorack Whispbar thro roof rack S16-K337 75 pt faa Link to Ford Territory roof rack image
Prorack heavy duty fixed mount T16-K337 75 pt fb  
Rhino racks logo Rhino RSP roof rack RVP07 80 pt faa  
Rhino RSP roof rack RCH4-RCP07/BK-VA118x2 75 pt fb  
Rhino RSP roof rack RCH4-RCP07/BK-(RB1250-QMHD05)x2 75 pt fb  
Thule logo Thule Rapid fit roof rack small pic 753-960-3077 80 pt fb Link to Ford Territory roof rack image
WB-Edge small 9591-3077 75 TI fb  



Gallery Ford Territory Roof Racks

Ford Territory Roof racks, Prorack Whispbar S4-K337 Prorack Whispbar

Whispbar roof racks Ford Territory S16-K337 Prorack Whispbar- Thro. bar


Thule roof racks Ford Territory Thule racks with WingBar