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Roof Racks Mitsubishi Grandis

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Date Vehicle description Make

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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
2004 on Mitsubishi Grandis MPV WITHOUT factory rails prorack small logo mini pic prorack p-bar P16-K332 50 pt faa  
prorack small logo Mini pic Prorack Whispbar anchor point roof rack S5-K332 50 pt faa  
mini pic Prorack Whispbar thro roof rack S16-K332 50 pt faa  
Thule logo Thuel GL754 roof rack small pic 754-962-1333 60 pt faa  
2004-10/2006 Mitsubishi Grandis MPV WITH raised factory rails prorack small logo FLush rail bar X3 65 pt faa .
Rhino racks logo Mini pic Rhino rack SXB SX100-2xVA106 65 pt fb Roof racks Mitsubishi Challenger
prorack small logo Mini pic Prorack Whispbar rail bar S43 65 pt fa .
mini pic prorack roof rack railbar S66 65 pt fa .
Thule logo mini pic thule RT757 roof rack 757-961 65 pt faa .
1/2006 on Mitsubishi Grandis MPV WITH solid roof rails See your Mitsubishi dealer

*Thule WingBar racks also available in powder-coat black finish Plus $40.