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Roof Racks BMW X6

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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
7/2008 on BMW X6 WITHOUT raised rails Rhino racks logo Rhino 2500aero roof rack RLKVA-2xVA126-DK223 75 pt fb  
Thule logo Thuel GL754 roof rack small pic 754-762-1526 75 pt fb  
Thuel GL754 roof rack small pic 754-962-1526 75 pt fb Link to BMW X6 roof rack image
7/2008 on BMW X6 WITH raised rails Thule logo mini pic thule RT757 roof rack RT9582 75 pt fa .
Thule 775 roof rack 775-962 80 pt fb


2015 on BMW X5 WITH solid rails Thule logo Thule Rapid fit roof rack small pic 753-969-4023 75 pt fb  
WB-Edge small 9593-4023 75 TI fb  


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BMW X6 thule roof racks Thule Aero Bar for X6 without rails