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Roof Racks Hyundai iLoad and iMax

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Date Vehicle description Make

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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
2/2008 on Hyundai iLoad/iMax Removable racks fit vehicles with dual sliding doors only
prorack small logo prorack p-bar mini pic P17-K424 60 pt faa  
prorack small logo Prorack Whispbar roof rack mini pic S9-K424 60 pt faa


Prorack Whispbar tiny image roof rack S17-K424 60 pt faa


Prorack HD roof rack T17-K424 60 pt fb .
Thule logo Thuel GL754 roof rack small pic 754-763-1475 60 pt fb  
Thuel GL754 roof rack small pic 754-963-1475 60 pt fb .
The racks below are permanent track systems. Prices are for 2 cross bars. Additional cross bar prices shown in comments column
Rhino racks logo Rhino RLTF track mount heavy duty roof rack 2x(RLTP-RB1500)-RTS518 100 pt fh Link to Hyundai iLoad roof racks (Vehicle specific track) Additional crossbar +$225 (incl LHSPAIR/LHS2PAIR)
Rhino RLTF roof rack 2x(RLTP-VA150)-RTS518 100 pt fh (Vehicle specific track) Additional crossbar +$225 (incl LHS-A1PAIR/LHS-A2PAIR)
rola logo small CTM rola roof rack CTM56-2 100 pt fh

Additional crossbars +$175

Rola TME roof rack TMEX57-2 100 pt fh Link to Hyundai iLoad roof racks Additional crossbars +$175

*Thule WingBar racks also available in powder-coat black finish Plus $40.

Gallery Hyundai iLoad Roof Racks

Hyundai iLoad roof racks Whispbar S9-K424

Hyundai iLoad roof racks Whispbar S17-K424

Hyundai iLoad roof racks Whispbar Heavy Duty T17-K424

Hyundai ILoad roof rack Rhino track mount fitted to Hyundai iLoad

Hyundai ILoad roof rack Rola Aero TMEX track mount