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Roof Racks Audi Q5 wagon with solid rails

AUdi Q5 roof racks Sydney

For the Audi Q5 we have roof racks from both Thule and Whispbar.Both brands offer either a flush ended sports style rack or a through-bar for gretater carrying width. Thule is available with either a budget aero(oval) shape orthe new WingBar profile for reduced drag and noise. The Whispbar has there famous aerofoil shape with class leading noise supression.

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Date Vehicle description Make

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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
4/2009 on Audi Q5 wagon with solid rails Thule logo Thule Rapid fit roof rack small pic 753-961-4002 75 pt fb  
WB-Edge small 9593-4002 75 TI fb .
prorack small logo FLush rail bar S8-K666 75 pt faa


mini pic prorack roof rack railbar S17-K666 75 pt faa



*Thule WingBar racks also available in powder-coat black finish Plus $40.

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. 9593-4002 Thule WingBar Edge

Audi Q5 roof racks Whispbar Whispbar S8-K666 roof racks

Audi Q5 roof racks Whispbar Whispbar S17-K666 roof racks