Roof Mount Bike Carriers

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Roof Rack Mounted Bike Carriers

Thule Proride bike carrier F/wheel mount here>>Thule Proride bike carrier

FORK MOUNT carriers

Fits these racks:


fit length .


Prorack logo
Whispabr WB200 bike carrier WB200 Whispbar/Yakima, Rhino, Rola, aero bars with T-channel. (Not Thule Evo) Clearance: $199 WSL
Silver 124 $265
more info
Thule logo
Thule BA561 Outride bike carrier Outride 561 Bars with T-channel and 32x22mm square bar Silver 133 $259
more info
Thule wheel holder Wheel Carrier 593-1 Most aero crossbar profiles and 32x22mm square bar Silver na $99*
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Rhino Rack logo
Rhino Mountain Trail bike carrier RBC035 Mountain Trail Most crossbar profiles Black 128 $225
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Yakima logo
Yakima Forklift bike carrier ForkLift 02098 Most crossbar profiles Black 128 $215
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Yakima HighSpeed bike carrier HighSpeed 02115 Most crossbar profiles Black 115 $325
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* Freight $10

There are many bike carriers available for attaching bikes to your roof racks. At Shop1Auto we can provide any of the carriers available from Thule, Rhino, Whispbar, Yakima, Prorack or ROLA however we have looked at all the offerings and the following selection are the units that we stock based on their individual merits, be that features, price, ease of use and the like.

The first choice you need to make is whether to go for a fork mounted bike carrier or a front wheel fitted bike carrier. The front wheel on bike carriers are very convenient as you do not need to remove the bikes front wheel and then working out where to carry the wheel itself. Yet while the fork mount bike carrier is less convenient it does keep the bikes lower on the car, reducing drag at the front and exposure to cross winds at the side. Our general advice is for regular local trips go wheel-on and for long freeway runs go for wheel off. That doesn't mean to say you can not use a wheel-on bike carrier on the freeway.

These are our favourite carriers:

Whispbar WB200 Bike Carrier

Whispbar WB200 bike carrier with cycle

Who said bike carriers couldn't be sexy. The WB200 shows what happens when you leave designers freedom to explore. The result is a carrier that is as cool as it is simple. It is the perfect addition to a set of Whispbar crossbars.

Find the full run down on the Whispbar WB200 here.

Thule OutRide 561

Bike carrier Thule OutRide 561

The OutRide bike carrier from Thule is designed to accommodate all types of bike with removable front wheels. This includes road and mountain bikes with disk brakes and bikes with a 20mm through axle. An adapter is also available for bikes with a 15mm through axle.

Get the full OutRide 561 details here

Rhino Mountain Trail RBC035

Rhino Mountain trail bike carrier for cars

Rhino's newest bike rack offering with locking skewer and universal attachment straps to fit any aero cross bars.

Get the full Mountain Trail RBC035 details here

Yakima ForkLift 8002098

Rhino Mountain trail bike carrier for cars

The ForkLift is an excellent value and versatile fork mount bike carrier from Yakima.

Get the full Yakima ForkLift 8002098 details here

Yakima HighSpeed 8002115

Rhino Mountain trail bike carrier for cars

The HighSpeed is Yakima's premium fork mounted bike carrier for bikes with both quick release skewers and through axles.

Get the full Yakima HighSpeed 8002115 details here