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Thule Logo FreeWay Bike Racks ($295)

(Find Thule vehicle compatibility tool here.)

***IMPORTANT NOTE***: This product does not have universal fit so please check the Thule vehicle list to see if it is suitable for your vehicle.

Thule FreeWay fitted to wagon

The Thule FreeWay strap-on bike carrier is a great way for carrying up to 3 bikes on cars without a tow bar. Using six webbing straps the FreeWay 968 can be strapped securely to the boot lid or tail gate of a wide range of vehicles (see table below for applications).

Thule FreeWay bike rack images

Can be set up for both sedans and hatchbacks.

Thule FreeWay bike carrier fitted to car

Thule FreeWay bike rack cradles

Soft rubber cradles with grooves for cables gently support the bike.

Thule FreeWay features

Link to Proride fitting instructions Fitting instructions


Frame adapter for girls bikes Female frame adapters

more info

number plate holder for bike rack Light boards/ no. plate holders more info
lock for bike rack Lock straps more info

Fitting List for Thule FreeWay 968

Please check the Thule vehicle application list to see if there is an alternative solution. Otherwise you can consider roof rack bike carriers or towbar bike carriers.

Link to Proride fitting instructionsFreeWay Spare Parts

Link to Proride fitting instructions Vehicle specific settings