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Rhino Rack MasterFit Luggage boxes

The Rhino Rack MasterFit series is an excellent range of boxes at an extremely competitive price. The easy to use claw mounting system allows quick attachment to your roof racks. Just position the box with the claws open over your roof racks then wind the claws shut with one hand. The boxes have  a 3 point locking system which operates from a single central key. With a rapid mounting system, 75kg rating, large volumes and dual side opening the Rhino Rack MasterFit range gives top end features for an excellent price.

Rhino Masterfit luggage box on car

The Rhino MasterFit range comes in a range of sizes with the 370ltr box for smaller cars, the 410ltr being the most popular as a general luggage and ski box with 530ltr topping out the range for those with a serious amount of gear to haul. There is also 320ltr narrow box which is ideal when the roof racks are also required for an additional item along side the box such as a bike or kayak.

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
RMFT320 320 193x65x42 188x60 15 right black $635 Sports box


370 193x65x42 188x73 14.5 dual black $655

Smaller box for a bit of extra storage.

RMFT410 410 192x82x42 187x77 17.5 dual black $695 Great all-rounder ski box and general luggage.
RMFT530 530 216x91x44 211x86 20.5 dual black $835 Great value for an extra large box.

MasterFit claw attachment

Rhino MasterFit side view

Rhino MasterFit loaded

Rhino MasterFit side view