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Rhino Rack Platform Baskets (steel mesh)

Rhino Rack Mesh Platform basket

The Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Platform is constructed from tough steel, offering you a strong and durable transport method for all those extra items. The platforms are zinc-plated and powder-coated black, so they won’t rust or fade.

The Rhino Rack mesh platform gives the sturdy base of a conventional wire mesh basket but only increases the height of the vehicle by about 50mm above your cross bars. Often this means the difference to allow entry to under ground parking and low roof garages especially on the taller vehicles.

The Rhino Rack Steel Mesh Platform is available in a range of sizes shown in the table below. The width needs to be narrower than the cross bars and the length appropriate to the size of the vehicle roof.

Your cargo can simply be strapped in place to the basket or with the addition of a luggage bag they can provide an enclosed weather proof solution.

Manufacturers Warranty 3 years

Part No. Length Width Height x-bars rqd   Weight Price Install


1500mm 650mm 50mm 2 12kg $345 $35
RPBS 1245 940 50 2 14kg $295 $35
RPBM 1340 1100 50 2 11kg $375


RPBL 1590 1205 50 2 19kg $545 $35
Prices includes u-bolt fitting kit


Roof Rack Compatibility

RHino heavy duty rack Rhino Rack Heavy Duty bar use RUBK fit kit

Rhino vortex rack Rhino Vortex bar use S280 fit kit

Thule aero bar rack Thule Aero and WingBar use S280 fit kit

Thule square bar rack Thule/Rhino/Prorack Euro-square bar use S280 fit kit

Thule square bar rack Whispbar cross bar use PR3090 fit kit

Thule square bar rack Whispbar Heavy Duty use S280 fit kit

Rhino Rack Mesh Platform basket


What Steve thinks....

The Rhino Rack steel mesh platform offers a very economical solution to adding a strong base platform to your roof, that is easy to remove and keeps the height down. It is a utilitarian product that does not have the finesse of the Pioneer Platform range but it will save a handy chunk of dollars over that option if working on a tighter budget.


Accessories: Rhino Rack Wire Mesh Baskets

Rhino Rack Luggage Bags

The Rhino-Rack range of luggage bags are the perfect accessory to complement either a luggage tray or steel mesh basket. Designed for harsh Australian conditions, these bags give your gear market leading protection from dust and rain.

Rhino Luggage Bags

More details, sizes and prices

U-Bolt Kits ($45)

Rhino Rack S280 u-bolt kit Rhino Rack S280 u-bolt kit, general purpose u-bolt kit

Rhino Rack S280 u-bolt kit Rhino Rack RUBKL u-bolt kit, Rhino HD bar u-bolt kit

Rhino Rack S280 u-bolt kit Prorack PR3090 (Whispbar) u-bolt kit

Rhino Rack Folding Ladder

Rhino Rack Spare Wheel holder

The Rhino Rack Folding Ladder is the perfect accessory to making your life easier loading and unloading your luggage from your Rhino steel Mesh Basket or Mesh Platform. Fold out to get access to your load then fold up and pack away in its bag.

Part number: RFL

Fitting instructions

Rhino Rack Wheel Step

Rhino Rack Spare Wheel holder

The Rhino Wheel Step is the safe and effective way to load and unload your roof racks, luggage carriers, trays and any gear mounted on your 4WD’s roof. Adjusts top suit a range of 4WD wheel widths and folds up for storage.

Part number: RWS