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An extra cross bar and loading system all in one

Rhino Rack RUSL Universal Side Loader ($155*)

*freight +$10

Rhino RUSL kayak loader

The Rhino Rack Universal Side Loader is a great addition to your kayak carrying gear. Quickly attaches to your front cross bar to extend it outboard of the car which greatly assist the loading of a kayak by a single person.

Rhino Universal side loader

Clips onto your crossbar and a telescopic leg supports the load to prevent a large, leveraged force being applied to the crossbar and its mounting points.

Rhino roof rack extender for loading kayaks

Padded cushion protects kayak and end return stops kayak from sliding off during manoeuvring.

How to use Rhino kayak loader

One person operation: attach to cross bar lift on one end, raise rear of kayak and walk over to rear bar then slide front end of kayak into position.

Rhino RUSL product image

The kit comes in a smart bag with adapters to fit a wide range of cross bar profiles.

RUSL features

Roof Rack Compatibility

Video: Using the RUSL

Link to Proride fitting instructions Fitting instruction RUSL

What Steve thinks......

While a similar device to this has been available for some years Rhino Rack have taken the concept and improved on it in a couple of significant ways. The addition of a telescopic leg greatly reduces the potential for putting stresses on your roof racks in a direction that they were never intended to take it. Also the kit comes with attachments for a great range of roof rack brands which means it will provide service for years to come no matter what roof racks you end up with in the future. Great price too!

*freight +$10