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Thule Rapid 750 Roof Rack

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Thule 754 roof rack The Thule 750 Rapid Fit roof rack with square cross bar is an economical, easy to install and versatile roof rack. It has been developed by Thule Sweden to pass the stringent European City Crash tests to 75kg.

The Rapid Fit 750 is designed for vehicles where there are no existing gutters, rails or other factory mounting points to secure racks to. The roof rack uses a built in tensioning mechanism to firmly attach to the roof of the car using vehicle specific attachment brackets. These are contoured to match the roof return into the door openings. To ease fitting, the tensioner incorporates a torque indicator to give you confidence of the correct tightening.

The brackets have a soft, rubberised coating to prevent marks and scratches and a rubber pad is used to transfer weight between the roof rack and the vehicle roof.



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Cross bar colour Black
Ease of fitting first time

Allow about 3/4 hour for assembling and fitting a pair of cross bars the first time on most vehicles.

Ease of fit/removal The cross bars are secured with a tensioning mechanism built into each foot. Removal usually takes less than 10mins and refitting about 15 minutes
Security The Thule 750 roof racks are currently available with free key locks.
Transferable No this rack should be considered specific to the vehicle being purchased for.
Warranty 2 years manufacturer's warranty

750 square bar fitted to car

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