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Thule EuroRide 941 (2bike)

Thule EuroRide bike carrier

Mounts to: 50mm tow ball


Thule EuroRide 941 2-Bike: $645*

*Free shipping (AU)

Thule EuroRide bike carrier

Thule EuroRide bike carriers offer excellent value for a platform style bike carrying system. Available for 2 bikes they provide an excellent carrying solution that keeps the bikes apart while they are firmly held in position. Lighting units give additional safety and provide a place for your number plate to be secured to and illuminated at night time so that you are covered against traffic infringments.

Thule EuroRide bike carrier

The clamp handle allows for secure fastening to the tow ball with locking mechanism.

Thule EuroRide bike carrier

Pull the ergonomic release grip and the bike carrier will tilt away from the vehicle to access the rear of the car.

Thule EuroRide bike carrier

Bike wheels are held securely in place by simple, hard-wearing retaining straps.

Thule EuroRide bike carrier

Secure, padded clamps to hold bikes firmly in position (optional locking knobs available).

Thule EuroRide bike carrier

Folds flat for easy storage

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What Steve thinks......

This is a great entry level bike carrier for the Thule range of platform style carriers. It offers great quality and features at a good price which makes it our best selling version of the Thule platform range.

Thule EuroRide 941 2-Bike

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