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Rhino Rack Luggage Bags

Rhino Rack Luggage bags

The Rhino Rack luggage bag range offers an excellent compliment to an alloy or wire mesh luggage tray. They are made from a tough, UV treated, 1200 denier material with a heavy duty zipper around three sides. Available in a choice of 5 sizes from small to extra large, including a half size, they are well matched to the range of baskets available from Rhino Rack. The securing straps are integrated into the design to hold the load securely to your basket and a tough polyvinyl base liner protects the bag from wear and tear.

Features include:

Part No. Length Width Height Price
LBS 1170mm 800mm 300mm $325
LBM 1200 960 300 $350
LBH 1410 580 300 $325
LBL 1540 1150 300 $415
LBXL 1810 1160 300 $475

Prices include fitting hardware kit.

Notes: Sharp objects must be properly wrapped. The luggage bags are not designed to carry heavy items such as spare wheels, gas bottles etc. Do not attach luggage bags directly to your roof racks, se

Rhino Rack luggage bag zip detail

Rhino Rack luggage bag on vehicle

Rhino Rack luggage bag half size